Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tenants at Las Vegas condominiums must move after management

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – People living at the Desert Garden condominiums in Las Vegas received a notice on April 23 saying that new management is taking over the property and they must move out, giving people just 30 days to pack up and find a new place to live.

“I fear for being homeless because there is no way that we can go and find something within 30 days,” said Desert Garden resident Brianna Kelly.

Kelly has been living in her condo at Desert Garden located on Bonanza Road and MLK for the last two years.

“The new management or ownership is pushing us out with a notice to quit within 30 days and trying to exchange cash for keys for $1,000,” said Kelly.

DW Management is now taking over the property.

After tenants were looking for clarity as to why there was a change in management, the Holley Driggs law firm office, who represents the new property management, said the property wasn’t safe.

“They are old, they are rundown, they are really in terrible shape and a lot of them are not inhabitable at all,” said lawyer for Holley Driggs law firm, Doug Driggs. “There are a lot of Metro calls out there and it’s a high crime area.”

Driggs said, what the new property management plans to do with the area is still up in the air.

“Most of the discussion has been, perhaps is some workforce housing or other affordable housing as well as maybe some commercial in there as well,” said Driggs.

Tenants are receiving some help with the moving process.

“First of all, they do not have to pay any rent, they will get all of their deposits back and we are offering $1,000 for re-location expense,” said Driggs. Driggs also said the Southern Nevada Housing Authority is in the process of coming up with solutions for the tenants.

They don’t know specifically yet how they can help each person but the goal is to find them temporary housing.

The biggest worry for current residents is finding housing that is affordable.

“A lot of us are low-income or have section 8, VA loans and disabled,” said Kelly.

People were given the 30-day notice on May 31 and lawyer Driggs said they will work with people and will not be kicking them out right at the 30-day mark if they need more time.