South Fulton warns Camelot Condominiums of fire risks,

The City of South Fulton is stepping up law enforcement patrols near a problematic condominium complex, which the city was allegedly cited numerous times for fire code violations. A South Fulton spokesperson said there is not much city leaders can do about residents’ allegedly poor living conditions.

In a press release on Friday, a South Fulton spokesperson offered responses to frequent questions regarding the Camelot Condominiums on Old National Highway. 

The city said, because units are owned or rented by landlords, the property is private and the city is unable to intervene with issues beyond code and fire safety enforcement. The common areas of the condo complex, the city said, are managed by a homeowners’ association, which pays for maintenance. 


The city said Camelot has been subjected to routine inspections and the violations have been presented to management. City inspectors apparently also found plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural issues. The city has also noticed junk vehicles, trash and debris and property and lawn care issues during inspections. 

South Fulton police increased visibility in the neighborhood where crime is mostly drug-related. Investigators are working to identify gang members and crime patterns in the area. 

Fire Marshal inspections reportedly noted common meter rooms showed signs of tampering that were potentially hazardous. Inspections indicated extension cords run from unit to unit, and in hallways. Fire Marshals donated fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, the city said.

The city said Camelot management was directed by the court to deliver a plan to fix some safety issues, but repairs and prior corrections were destroyed.