Digital Marketing Workshop Organised For City Bizmen |

Ludhiana: In wake of increasing importance of the digital marketing mediums for promotion and sales of goods and services, a workshop for city business houses was organised by Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU). In this workshop, representatives of dozens of small, medium and large companies participated to acquire knowledge about the latest trends in digital marketing and how to use them effectively.
Upkar Singh Ahuja, president of CICU, said, “Given the ever increasing importance of the marketing tools, we are constantly encouraging the industry to change their marketing structure from traditional to digital marketing, which is also known as online marketing. CICU organised one-month course on digital marketing with business boosting strategies. More than 20 participants from different sectors of industry took part. The course was conducted under the guidance of Komal Chopra, a certified digital marketing expert. Chopra explained to the participants about how new and transformative technologies affect business and how to develop business through effective digital marketing strategies.”
Ahuja also added, “The course also covered important aspects of digital marketing like structuring digital marketing plan, website planning and creation, domain registration and hosting, on page search engine optimisation, strategy content writing for websites, landing page design using wordpress, Google Business listing optimisation Form and WhatsApp Integration on Website etc. All the participants gave positive feedback about the course and already lot of businessmen, who could not join this workshop, have started approaching us to organise another session soon.”
According to Pankaj Sharma, general secretary of CICU, “Digital marketing is the key to success these days as every company, whether small or large, benefits immensely from promotion and advertisement on the social media platforms. However, getting the right result by investing money at right place is still a big challenge and that is why we organised this workshop for the businessmen so that they can learn more about digital marketing and use it for growth of their business.”


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