Business Bay: The Best Spot to Buy Luxury Property For Sale

Business Bay: The Best Spot to Buy Luxury Property For Sale

With many commercial and retail hubs, Dubai has a great reputation worldwide. From booming real estate to thriving leisure and entertainment spots, Dubai never fails to amaze you. However, some specific areas and neighbourhoods in the city are known for being major business hubs. By investing in a property in such a location, you can enjoy excellent returns or find the perfect home. In this article, you will discover one of the top business hubs of Dubai, i.e. Business Bay, where you should consider buying a luxury property for sale.

What is Business Bay?

Business Bay is one of the most appealing neighbourhoods in Dubai to invest in real estate. It is located south of the lavish and cosmopolitan Downtown Dubai, right past the Al Quoz industrial complex. A combination of residential and commercial structures, many of which are still under construction, make up the promising neighbourhood.

Business Bay can be best described as a hub of contemporary and luxury lifestyle since it is home to some of the most opulent hospitality establishments in the city. Some of the remarkable hotels in the area include The Oberoi Dubai and The Taj Dubai. The Business Bay metro station is just one stop and less than a five-minute drive from Dubai Mall. Check out some notable features of the neighbourhood:

  • Easily accessible

An excellent location calls for great accessibility. One can reach the neighbourhood easily by personal or public transport. The Business Bay metro station is situated in the very centre of the area. If you commute with your vehicle, don’t worry about getting stuck since the wide inner roads can handle heavy traffic flow.

  • House to world-class infrastructure

The neighbourhood boasts brand-new high-rise structures with luxurious interiors and amenities. Considering the proximity to city centre and facilities, the residential prices do the justice. Not only can you find your dream luxury property for sale with proximity to the best schools, hospitals, shopping, and entertainment hubs.

  • Excellent business potential

There is a reason the area is named Business Bay. Clear and upfront, the neighbourhood attracts various businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the city and foreign countries. You can find many stunning skyscrapers with high security, facilities, and plenty of parking spaces.

Buying luxury property for sale in Business-Bay

Being an ambient location, Business Bay remains a prime interest for many commercial and retail businesses. So, what’s better than having your branch in one of the prime towers of the neighbourhood? That’s right; One by Omniyat emerges as the dream commercial building featuring stunning architecture, beautifully landscaped surroundings, and 24/7 security. Located right at Business Bay, the tower is the perfect luxury property open for commercial and retail uses.


How is the neighbourhood at One by Omniyat?

One by Omniyat sits at the prime location of Business-Bay

Does the commercial building offer enough parking space?

Being a multi-commercial and retail building, it boasts 1000 parking spaces.

How many floors does the building have?

The luxury business tower houses 30 floors, ideal for commercial and retail uses.